The causative agents of the disease are the same as in adults, but compared to adults, bronchopneumonia in children can develop even as a result of the most innocent diseases, which are the main causes of the onset of the disease. Therefore, when even the most common cough appears, parents need to be on their guard. And when the first symptoms occur, you should immediately contact a specialist. Bronchopneumonia can be normal and toxic. Normal, develops, either from the first days after the influenza infection enters the body, or already on the 5-10th day, during the period of imaginary recovery. The main signs that testify specifically to bronchopneumonia, and not to bronchitis, are: severe shortness of breath and a more persistent increase in temperature.

As for the toxic form, it is distinguished by its fulminant course. There is an acute onset, the appearance of severe shortness of breath, pulmonary edema develops rapidly. This form may develop in the event of a pandemic. Most often, toxic bronchopneumonia is not treated (due to the fulminant course), death occurs suddenly.

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The main causes of the development of bronchopneumonia in children. Temperatures tend to rise to 39 degrees during the first few days. There is an indisposition, appetite disappears. The patient completely refuses food. There are: sweating and chills, insomnia, pain in the calf muscles. Fever is a kind of body struggle with the inflammatory process. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to bring down the temperature or take antipyretics.

As for the cough, at the very beginning of the disease it is dry, but frequent and very painful.

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Along with the progression of the disease, the cough also intensifies, sputum of a greenish-yellow color begins to depart, sometimes with an admixture of blood. The next characteristic symptom is shortness of ketoconazole pills. The person is out of breath. Most often, it occurs with a severe course of the disease. Painful sensations in the chest area bother the patient when coughing and when taking a deep breath.

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The appearance of foci of inflammation up to four millimeters in diameter is noted. They focus mainly on the bronchioles and lungs - one or two at once. In connection with the location of the foci, right-sided, left-sided and bilateral bronchopneumonia are distinguished.

The most important thing in treatment is timeliness. This is the only way to successfully overcome the disease. Treatment should be comprehensive: the mandatory intake of medications, diet and physiotherapy. At the onset of the disease, strict adherence to bed rest is recommended. In this case, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room and do wet cleaning. When the body temperature returns to normal, you can turn on walks in the fresh air.

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Meanwhile, the disease progresses, due to the lack of treatment it becomes more complicated, which subsequently leads to very deplorable results.

After all, it is this form that often goes unnoticed.

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You mustWe understand that any abnormal condition or any minor symptom, such as malaise, is already a signal that there is a problem. Only timely treatment contributes to a speedy and, importantly, complete recovery. How is the disease diagnosed?

The most dangerous bronchopneumonia is that which is not accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

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There is a strong cough, dizziness, weakness, headache, arrhythmia, wheezing. The temperature rises to 39 degrees. The skin becomes pale.

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Only a specialist can detect foci of inflammatory processes, and only with the help of an x-ray examination. But, you can recognize the disease with the help of its manifestations.